6. Art Deco Dining Room

Art Deco Living Room Furniture 6. Art Deco Dining Room
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    What should art deco living room furniture look like? Well, before answering the questions too far, it’s better to know what art deco style refers to. Art deco style is known to refer to a decoration that mimics the decoration style which had been popular in around 1920’s and 1930’s. The decoration is inspired by Art Nouveau and Neoclassical movement. This style is typically bold in color and has elegant, sometimes luxurious, in look. Also, the style applies like floral and animal patterns for it decorative accent. So, that’s what art deco style typically shows. And of course, to create an Art Deco-styled living room, art deco living room furniture should possess the same characteristics as well. It should firstly possess fine finish. Although it may be kind of handmade furniture, the surface of each should be smoothly finished either by varnishing or coating it with paint, not one appear bare and rustic. About the material, Art deco-styled furniture mainly combine the use of glass, metal, and wood. For example is coffee table made from wood but has glass on its top surface. Another example is wooden made display cabinet with the application of glass door and metal made door knob.Wooden-topped round table with metal made single leg may also refer to kind of Art deco furniture. Read original post...

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