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    How to install carpet on concrete can be start by taking the right measurement of the carpet according to the room you are carpeting. Check the moisture problem in the room that should be solved professionally. So, you have to make sure the room is not moisture before installing carpet. Clean the concrete and patch any holes before installing. If the concrete has been cleaned and leveled, you can apply a coat of primer that suit to your carpet adhesive with paint roller. Cut tackles gripper grip to the measurement of 1 wall and attach it with masonry nails to the floor. Leave a gap between the gripper strip and the wall for tucking the edge of the carpet. After that, cut padding to the size of the room and attach them side by side. Glue the padding with carpet glue in a waffled side up and keep rows abutted. The seams should be covered with duck tape and don’t forget to trim any excess with a utility knife. Now you can cut the carpet to the size by adding 6 inches to the measurement. The parts where pieces abut should be placed with sea tape and adhesive, then join the pieces with a steam iron. Lay the carpet to one corner using a rented knee knicker and stretch it to the opposite wall using a power stretcher, hook it to the tackles strip until it is smooth and flat. Push the carpet behind the tackles trim after cutting the excess. Use metal door jambs to cover the edge of carpeting at doorways and finish it with baseboards. Read original post...
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